Welcome to the 3b movement!

Part of our passion is being able to support people in our communities. It is important for us to be able to offer our mental well-being services to individuals and groups who may otherwise not access these types of events. This is why we set up 3b wellness as a community interest company.

Our aim is to promote a preventative approach through delivering a range of activities. Increasing awareness and understanding of mental well-being and how we can all learn to develop this for ourselves.

Listed below are just some of the courses and sessions we can deliver to support your mental well-being so you can feel more resourceful and emotionally wealthy each and every day. If you would like to find out more then please do contact us.

The Mind Pamper Experience – for Individuals 

Slip into a mindful relaxation of the senses and devote some time to enhancing your well-being. Our Mind-Pamper experiences are especially designed to provide a spa session for your mind. Presenting tools and techniques to freshen your perspective, focus your thinking and feed your soul.

Contact us for details of our next session.

The Mind Pamper Experience – For your Team 

This experience is designed to re-energise your workforce, boost their productivity and support their mental well-being. Cost = £395 Click here to find out more.

Emotional Wealth

Drawing on our wide range of knowledge and expertise in mental well-being and eliciting concepts from emotional intelligence and resilience we have designed a programme that anyone can use to gain further insight and guide their choices. This is the premise of Emotional Wealth.

Within Emotional Wealth sits a framework that enables us to work through different aspects of our lives. By using a set of presuppositions and combining these with the information given to us by our emotions in order to understand what is going on for us right now; we are able to identify what’s working and what we want to change or gain a different perspective on.

“Emotions are data, not directives” – Susan David

7 Days to Find Your Happy Self

This is an on-line programme with daily prompts and questions designed to help you reconnect with your true self and feel happy with where you are now in your life, while exploring your future goals.

3b on-line community

Be part of a growing movement to explore what makes for an emotionally wealthy outlook and to connect with ourselves and others, drawing on our 3b philosophy – Be Believe Breathe Click here to join us.

Wellness presentations

Why not invite us to speak at your next conference,event or group meeting? We deliver interactive talks and presentations on the importance of focusing on our mental well-being, sharing tips and resources for developing our emotional wealth. Contact us to find out more.

Previous clients include; Marks and Spencer, Floorbrite, MacMillan Cancer Support, BEAT, Merseycare (NHS), PACE, The Scout Association, Heritage Volunteering Group and Association of Volunteer Managers.