This range of crockery caught our eye on a recent 3B outing due to the tag line featured which reads “Good Morning. Let the stress begin!” It generated some interesting discussion about our modern working culture and the acceptance of stress as a normal way for people to be engaged with their lives both in and out of the workplace.

I used to believe that if work didn’t hurt and it wasn’t challenging me in a difficult way, then I wasn’t working hard enough. I no longer believe that to be anywhere near true. Of course there are times when we need to step up and to overcome issues within our work and life, to focus and to meet deadlines and sometimes to respond quickly to unexpected situations and yet, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be stressful. Unfortunately, somehow our culture seems to celebrate being busy and there’s a real emphasis to be achieving stuff constantly. Indeed, for some people, feeling busy and that rush of moving quickly helps with their flow and enables them to get stuff done in the way they need to. And, sometimes great ideas can come at the 11th hour – a little deadline pressure can create a little magic. Not everyone can flourish in this way however and we can end up feeling a little lost, unsure or even inadequate.

This is why ‘normalising’ our stress culture is damaging. In order to create an environment that encourages the best from everyone, we need to accept that individuals have different approaches, different rhythms and different needs. Yes it’s good to stretch beyond our comfort zones sometimes, but what’s more important and helpful is developing awareness of ourselves. Tuning in to who we are and what we need to flourish and grow. To notice and reflect. To identify what’s motivating and driving us. To know and understand where we each draw our energy from and to use all of this to enable each of us to shine.

Here at 3B we’re really big on creating space to help you do this. To take time to pause, to notice and to reflect. (There’s actually a clue in the 3rd B – the Breathe part). And yet, we’re not prescriptive about this. We’re not saying there’s a right way to do it. We simply believe in supporting you to find the thing that works for you, and on your terms. So, instead of ‘Let the stress begin’, why not ‘Let the 3B’s in’? Have a go at creating a space just for you simply by hanging out with our #bebelievebreathe mantra each morning and see what happens.

Be a little more you.

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Create time and space to breathe.

And, if you’d like to connect with us in person during July and August – join our summer programme where we’ll be unpacking more of these themes. Listen to our podcast to find out more.