Mind Matters

At 3b we specialise in mental well-being, supporting businesses to adapt and improve their approach to mind-health, drawing on the latest thinking in neuroscience and using proven practical tools and techniques

Introducing the 3b Mind Matters Model

Through research in neuroscience, NLP, plus a variety of other tools and techniques we have designed a model for change, for mental well-being, for a healthier mindset.

Each element incorporates methods which have been tried and tested and proven to have made a difference. This enables people to build positive habits and really understand themselves so they can be more aware of what can trigger stress and anxiety and identify ways to reduce this.

By combining different elements together we can support organisations to really build understanding and improve the mental well-being of their team. And we also go further than that. Our mental well-being model is the foundation for all of our work and by weaving elements of the model into all our delivery, sessions and practices we continuously support people to find a preventative approach and discover their well-being mind.

Your Mind Matters is the model for a well-being workforce; specifically designed for Managers to help them understand the importance of mental well-being in the workplace. Developing strategies for resilience, reducing burnout and cultivating a lasting culture of well-being across the whole organisation. Providing an overview of each of the 6 elements within the 3b Mind Matters Model to support mental well-being within the workplace.

In-house workshops for your team, up to 14 participants, can be delivered over two full days or four half days to suit your business needs. Cost = £1600* (two days) or £2400* (four half days)

“It’s made me think differently about the conversations I have with my line manager and also about my interactions with some of my peers.” (Participant)

“Great trainers and a really great experience. Loved it!” (Participant)

“I can’t believe the change in (team member). He’s like a different person, so calm.” (Manager)

Building a Healthier Mindset 

Understanding the importance of mental well-being in the workplace and how we can all take steps to create a healthy mindset for ourselves and our teams. Providing specific tools to build resilience and reduce stress.

An in-house session for your team, up to 20 participants. Cost = £600*

Can be delivered as part of a team day, or adapted for your event or conference.


To find out more about our programmes or make a booking, please contact us.

*Reduced rates are available for some voluntary and community sector organisations, please contact us for further details.