We are Claire and Sue and we are 3b. Everything we do is underpinned by our philosophy, Be Believe Breathe.



3b evolved as a result of our experiences working in stressful environments, struggling with our own versions of ‘burn-out’ and dealing with huge changes taking place in our personal and professional lives. What emerged was a desire to learn more about ourselves and to understand what was occurring throughout this process in terms of our emotional, physical and mental health. Plus the realisation that so many of the expectations we had placed upon ourselves were unrealistic and unnecessary.

Mental well-being soon became a recurring theme – discovering different techniques to support us; examining our habits, patterns and triggers; researching the latest developments in neuroscience and mind health. We began to build up a bank of knowledge and resources, combining this learning with our existing expertise in Coaching, Training, NLP and people management.

We know how challenging it can be to balance the demands of modern life with our professional roles. We understand how easy it is for anyone to feel stressed and overwhelmed and the difficulties of being open about this, particularly within the workplace. And yet we also know that there are employers, leaders and managers who care deeply about the well-being of their people and who need support in figuring out how to bring this subject into the foreground and identify practical ways to develop a preventative approach. This is our focus at 3b.

We set up this company because we feel passionately about changing the culture of work. Our aim is for mental well-being to become part of the every day way that organisations support and invest in their people – (research* shows that on average, employers obtain a return of £5 for every £1 invested in well-being.) By creating a strategy where leaders and managers are given the skills and knowledge to focus on their own mental well-being first, they are better placed to provide the most effective support to their teams, applying their learning in a way that encourages individual and collective responsibility and makes a lasting impact.
*Source – Deloitte, January 2020


Claire Ross

Claire is a brilliant coach, trainer, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist who loves to see people achieving their goals. She brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to every situation and is skilled at stepping into others’ shoes to see where they are coming from. Claire cares passionately about delivering quality training and about enabling others to do so. Her aim is to help switch on that lightbulb within everyone; asking key questions to facilitate really effective problem solving.

Claire genuinely cares about people and wants to see them succeed. This completely authentic approach means she is strong at building sustainable relationships, whether working one-to-one or with groups and teams; supporting people to connect and collaborate and advocating positivity and praise through acknowledgement and sharing good things.

Her expertise and experience spans across the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors; including working as a specialist consultant for the ILM’s Coaching and Mentoring qualifications and as an advisor for the development of a European quality assurance system for vocational training.

Claire gets a buzz from supporting people to feel happier within themselves, aspiring for everyone she works with to become truly assertive and be able to love their life and work.

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Sue is an excellent coach, trainer and facilitator who cares deeply about supporting people to feel good about life and work. She immediately puts people at ease and is brilliant at creating positive, encouraging spaces for people to think, reflect, share and learn.

Whether working with individuals or groups, Sue meets people where they are at, asking insightful and sometimes challenging questions. She is a fab facilitator who really listens and is very aware of peoples’ needs, adapting sessions to respond to any emerging issues. Her experience is wide ranging, and includes designing and delivering quality training programmes and specialist qualifications for the Voluntary and Community sector.

Sue has worked with individuals and organisations locally, regionally and nationally in the UK and overseas. She is a strong advocate of being able to transfer learning to the workplace by grounding training in reality, always aiming to bring models and theories to life.

Sue is supportive, skilled, open and knowledgeable and is committed to enabling people to discover what really makes them shine.

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Sue Jones