Welcome to 3b - The Mental Well-being Company

Our work supports organisations to build a workforce with healthier mindsets. All our training promotes a preventative approach to stress, burnout and other aspects that could affect peoples’ mental well-being. We also provide coaching and wellness sessions for groups and individuals.

  There are three areas to our work:

3bMind Matters   Wellness   Coaching


Mind Matters

For businesses

Training and learning solutions based on the 3b MindMatters Model,            enabling you to build resilience across your workforce.


For the community

Events, tools and resources designed to help you dedicate more time and space to your mental well-being.


For businesses and individuals

Our well-being coaching empowers you to develop a healthier mindset approach to all aspects of life and work.


Discover your mojo for your own mental well-being. 


 Tools and techniques you can try out.

Gifts you can buy for those you care about.


Reflections on what we’ve been researching, reading and learning here at 3b.

“Great trainers and a really great experience. Loved it!”

Participant on the ‘Your Mind Matters’ workshop


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