When looking at Well-being and Wellness as part of our business I thought it seemed easily understood. I mean, we bandy the words about regularly, it is all over social media and it seems as though not a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention one or both of those words within conversations. So when I was sent an article, on what was going to be the wellness trends for 2019, I thought it would be an interesting read and perhaps help us add to what we were delivering here at 3B.

Interesting it was, but not for the reasons I thought. When reading through, the focus was mainly on ‘butt’ camps and edible insects plus a range of external body treatments. Facials and massage have a place in wellness as does what we put into our bodies and what we put on our bodies. However, given our emerging awareness of the importance of mental well-being, I was expecting that in 2019 we would also be focusing much more on how we can have a healthy mindset.

Minds are just as important.   

Our minds are not just something we carry around in a well-honed, perfectly coiffured body that is our sanctuary, and as such only gets fed foods that are the very best for us. Or, if you’re like me, not well-honed, chocolate eating, know what is good for me but still also go for the foods that are not good for me and really enjoy them, days when I wear no make up and don’t care, kind of body.

Our minds have as much impact on us as our bodies and can actually make our bodies ill if we do not look after them. Our minds are the source of how we think and feel and our emotions are giving us useful data that we should not ignore. So why then in 2019 are we still only talking about wellness and well-being mostly in relation to our bodies?

Now I know that a good massage can help me feel relaxed and that this can affect how I think and feel. But that is only if I can take some quiet time to mindfully enjoy the feel of how my body is being manipulated to get those kinks out and relieve the stress. Even then the feeling is short lived for me and my ever working brain kicks in and once again I am dealing with thoughts of ‘have I deserved that massage?’, ‘I should be cleaning the kitchen!’, ‘I need to go for a run instead of relaxing!’.

Minds deserve time spent to refresh and rejuvenate them.

Our minds deserve a pamper as well. In fact our minds deserve time spent on them regularly and understanding that fact is the first step in helping us to reduce and prevent some of the negative aspects of mental health that is becoming part of modern life. I am not saying it will eradicate it but we already talk about prevention of illness by eating the right foods and exercising. We can also help our mind by exercising it and feeding it healthy information to support us to have more resilience and build that healthy mindset therefore supporting us when we have those stressful events that can crop up more and more in today’s working environments.

That is what 3B are about, supporting individuals, organisations and businesses to build progressive patterns that enable us to create resourceful states and a healthy mindset so that we can deal with stress and challenges in a different way.

Be that trend.

So why not start that trend yourself? In your personal time give yourself a treat and have a mind pamper instead of a body pamper or even as well as. A healthy mindset can help you to achieve your goals, build your confidence and have a more contented life.

You can also extend this into your working environment. Make minds matter and start to build a culture that addresses aspects of mental well-being now rather than trying to deal with the affects of stress and mental health when it is already causing issues.  After all, a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, happier with less absenteeism, better retention and can promote your business.

I am so looking forward to the day when I read an article about wellness trends that include true mental well-being as well as body health.

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We have two mind pamper events coming up at Cedar Farm in Mawdesley during February. We can also deliver these events to your teams in your workplace OR why not try out our half day ‘Building a Healthy Mindset’ for your workforce? This is an excellent introduction to the wider Mind Matters training we deliver and is a good starting point to get your team aware.