It was a weekend away with my best friend and coaching partner to talk about love, life and anything else that comes to our mind – which is usually anything and everything. “Waffle or wisdom” we call it, as really, who can tell the difference, its all about perception isn’t it? 

Anyway, we knew that we wanted to work with our passion, supporting people to be happy in themselves, to move forward with goals and to unearth that diamond every single person has within them. So, as Sue is the writer and I am the talker, I just talked from the heart about what felt important at that moment.  After lots of waffle from me and some careful questioning, deciphering and collating from Sue, she showed me what she had taken from it…..the 3B’s. I’d talked about that belief that you need to have in yourself, the permission to feel as though you have time to breathe, and the ability to just be you.

Let’s explore this in a bit more detail:

Why Be? – This is about focusing on investing your energies in the right place. Beginning with you in order to understand and celebrate what you are about. If you don’t start here, you’re going to miss something. We will enable you to be – we are not here to judge.

Why Believe? – This is about having faith in yourself and your abilities. To trust yourself, and others for that matter because you already do have all the answers, you have strengths and talents to share.  So our role is to help you reveal those answers, strengths and talents. We will support you to believe in yourself.

Why Breathe? – This is about taking time for you. Having the space to talk about what you want and need to talk about, do things that you want and need to do. And to take time to breathe, to rest, to pause and reflect and to notice how differently things can look when we do this. We’ll give you that space to breathe.

And so the journey begins…