3b have been working with us over a number of months, bringing a programme that has helped our members in building healthier mindsets.
Participants always enjoy the sessions, finding them thought-provoking and challenging yet supportive, with a good mix of practical tools and theory.
Claire and Sue are professional and engaging, demonstrating a wide range of knowledge and insight with an adaptable approach to participants’ needs.

Jackie Pearson

Centre Director, Mersey Care

Claire and Sue led 2 days training which they tailored to meet the requirements of my team. It was well presented with strong elements of humour and they kept the candidates engaged until the end – there was never a dull moment. They displayed an in depth knowledge of the subjects which shone through. I was delighted and can’t recommend them too highly.

Nigel Molyneax

Regional Manager, Home Group

Claire has loads of energy that is channelled to make a difference to the lives and thoughts of others. She facilitates workshops in an invigorating and inclusive manner that engages all to contribute in a meaningful way. The breadth and depth of experience is clearly evident and a major asset Claire possesses; she helps create paradigm shifts in those who work with her. I find her approach professional and she is a pleasure to work with; I would have no reservations about working with Claire or recommending her services to others

Amrick Singh Ubhi

Centre Director, Nishkam Civic Association

Working with Sue in the 1-1 sessions has brought my confidence and motivation within my role along immensely. She was there to give guidance but more to listen and help me realise my potential and draw out the skills and knowledge I had hiding behind my uncertainty. I believe my decision making has improved, along with my management of people and their diverse personalities. Also, for the most part I find when I am attending the coaching sessions I am able to prioritise better and take time to reflect and plan. I feel that professionally I have grown dramatically, I have had comments from colleagues and Managers as they have seen a real difference in my performance. And personally, all my friends and family know about Sue, and how much I enjoy having her as my mentor! She truly brings the best out in me!

Jennifer Cuthbert

Volunteer Support Advisor, CSSC Sports and Leisure

I’ve really valued sessions we had and I really think I’ve learnt a lot about myself. You’ve given me a lot of tools and resources as well as just the space to reflect on how I work and how I handle situations has been so valuable. 

Coaching Client

I wanted to tell you after the last session of Emotional Wealth. I took the lift to the first floor (of the Post Office) and there was a huge queue and only 2 working tills. Instead of getting frustrated I remembered the standing relaxation we did in the session and stood in the queue, closed my eyes and took deep breaths. It really works. I still had to wait but wasn’t annoyed about it and left smiling having found another coping mechanism that really does have a positive effect. So glad I met the two of you.

Emotional Wealth participant

Life Rooms

It was fantastic to spend time with an external coach, we focused on what I thought was holding me back and they asked me some challenging questions as to why I thought this was the case. They gave me plenty to think about and we ended the session with a breathing exercise to improve focus and balance (which I think we all need some times!).

Coaching Client A


I had a great session with my Coach. It was a new experience for me so I was nervous – and it ended-up being quite emotional but cathartic. It’s made me think differently about the conversations I have with my line manager and also about my interactions with some of my peers. I also learnt a great breathing exercise which I have already been putting to use!

Coaching Client B


Was excellent. It wasn’t what I expected and I didn’t expect to have the reaction that I did – I cried a little! It gave me the chance to think about some things that have been troubling me, and start to think about a plan to either manage these things or try and resolve them which was great.

Coaching Client C