We are Claire and Sue and we are 3b. A mental well-being company working with individuals, groups and organisations to support people to create healthier mindsets and build up their resilience and resourcefulness using practical tools and techniques. Helping them to feel less stressed and more centred within their daily lives and especially within the workplace.

We provide workshop sessions, mental well-being events, on-line courses and 1-1 coaching, focusing on mental well-being. Bespoke consultancy is available through our 3B Mind Matters model, for organisations who want to create or add to their well-being strategy.

We are trained in Coaching, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and NLP, and what really makes us tick is helping others. When we say that, what we mean is we really get a kick out of supporting people to grow, to develop, to overcome something that might holding them back or to simply provide some much needed time and space to think.

This is our philosophy. This is where the 3b’s came from – be, believe, breathe.

It’s all about being authentic. We’re not saying that we have all of our stuff together all of the time. We don’t. What we are completely certain of, is that when we take a pause and breathe – good things happen. And when we do have our stuff together, we really have our stuff together, and that is when we shine.

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